Armor in DCS does not by default come equipped with a helmet, and primarily they only serve as a cosmetic accessory as far as dice are concerned. However they do grant a very minimal amount of protection and so those who wish to wear one can choose to do so.

Unlike normal armor, helmets have a small penalty that applies to visual based rolls rather than those relying on dexterity or mobility.


Armor: 1% Type: Light Penalty: 0

This is a metal ring that goes around the head of the character, protecting it from lateral blows or those attacks aimed at the forehead.

Forehead ProtectorEdit

Armor: 1% Type: Light Penalty: -1

This is a metal plate to block blows at the forehead.

Leather HoodEdit

Armor: 2% Type: Medium Penalty: -2

This is a hood of oil-treated leather that covers the whole head except the face.


Armor: 2% Type: Medium Penalty: -2

This is a metallic helmet that protects the upper part of the head.

Mail CoifEdit

Armor: 2% Type: Medium Penalty: -2

This helmet is identical to the leather hood, but it is made of rings or woven metal strands. The inside is lined with cloth to avoid damage to the wearer’s skin.

Open HelmEdit

Armor: 3% Type: Heavy Penalty: -3

This is a full helm covering the entire head, except for the face.

Great HelmEdit

Armor: 5% Type: Heavy Penalty: -5

This is a helm that covers the entire head. Usually, it has a visor that can be raised for better vision or lowered to protect the face.

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